Presentation on ALM foundational concepts

I did a presentation for the VSTS Inner Circle in September 11th, and I am still getting requests for the video link and slides. Here they go:

Fundamentals of ALM

Abstract: What you should know to elevate an enterprise to an intermediate or higher level of maturity regarding SDLC and ALM. Includes discussion of the features of VSTS that enable integrated ALM, and an overview of what is coming in the next couple versions of VSTS (Orcas and Rosario).

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    Subject: Fundamentals of ALM
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    Recording ID: K7K7ZZ
    Attendee Key: PFSN5?2$m

This presentation has a five minute delay to start (recording started too soon). I have asked the organizers to edit those minutes out, and I will post the link to the edited version when it is available.

I want to thank Sam Guckenheimer who co-authored an earlier version of this deck which was co-presented at TechReady 4 (an internal Microsoft conference).

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