The amazing momentum for DevOps

DevOps has a great momentum in the industry at this point, as can be seen by the growth of searches of topics related to it. Different from “ALM” and “Agile”, which are very generic terms which makes it difficult to filter out the noise, “DevOps” is unique and allows a more clear cut picture. Let’s take a look at it using Google Trends.

If you look into just the last year, when compared to “Application Lifecycle Management” and other trendy topics in IT, it seems that the curve is pretty much stable:




You have to look at the big picture to understand the magnitude of the current momentum DevOps has:



On the conservative side, we can gather a couple of things from those numbers:

- Application Lifecycle Management has always been a relatively popular topic, but never caught up as a really growing trend;

- Continuous Delivery and DevOps came from no presence to a steady growth for the former, and an explosive growth for the latter.

- The idea of Continuous Integration has existed for a while until it was codified in the well known Martin Fowler article.

On the outrageously optimistic side, for those of us who worked under that umbrella, and thought it was big, the prospects of DevOps dwarf all trends that have come before. You need only say: WOW!

Will the DevOps buzz quickly stabilize into an S-curve, plateauing in the near future? There is no doubt it will flatten out. However, given this fantastic momentum I think it will last several years until we start to see the next trend.

Working with cutting edge DevOps is one of the reasons I joined Nebbia, and hopefully I can contribute to our DevOps team as much as am getting from them.


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