Enterprise DevOps Fast Track training

I just discovered that as part of Nebbia, a Microsoft DevOps Partner, that I will be attending an advanced training for those delivering the engagements related to the now called Enterprise DevOps Accelerator offering. As you might recall from a previous post, I had been yearning to learn more about the cutting edge of what is going on in this space.

I have been working with topics that are under the DevOps umbrella since 2005, even if the moniker, and a general agreement on what it stands for, has been defined only more recently.

The buzz around DevOps is indisputable, so much that has led some like Matthew Kern to declare that Agile is dead, and DevOps is its replacement.

I don’t know exactly what the training will be, but I look forward to it as I can also personally see the commoditization of Agile concepts, and the rise of Scaling Agile and DevOps as its natural replacements. I will come back to that on some other post.

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